Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sue's grandmothers garden quilt.

Hello and a warm welcome quilt lovers,  I have a lovely treat for you today, Sue's eight-years-in-the-making-grandmothers-garden-quilt!

A few months back Sue contacted me to ask if I would quilt her beloved batik grandmothers garden quilt............of course I said yes, I had been watching her progress reports on her blog. So it was all arranged on her recent visit to New Zealand that we meet up for the first time. Even though I have already quilted another one of Sue's quilts - see here,  we had never met, only through our blogs and emails.
Sue was keen to have a New Zealand feel to the quilt, the black fabric is a Kiwiana fabric called "Moko", think swirls, punga fronds and ferns.

The 'Moko'-fern-feather is all free hand quilting, I did mark with chalk the spine to get nice curvature.
I used Glide thread in black. The 'pathways' around the flowers have been left un quilted as Sue didn't want dense quilting.

I thought of all my lovely readers and followers as I was quilting the last few flowers and got to thinking you might like to see how I quilted these flowers...........hubby to the rescue! Women are known for multi-tasking, but I haven't mastered quilting and videoing at the same time :-)

For the flowers I used a Gunold Variegated thread, this colour worked well over the rainbow of colours. The singular red toned hexagons I also used a variegated Gunold thread but this time in pinks and reds.

With a black/grey backing fabric and lots of black on the front, Sue wisely chose black batting.
Thank you Sue for letting me loose on your quilt!

Next a few photo's of my recent trip as a helper with a school Duke of Edinburgh  - sliver medals group in training for tramping Cape Reinga - Te Paki next year. A great bunch of kids learning life long skills.

A mock patient with a 'broken leg' being stretchered out!

Hunkering down in the long grass as the rain does it's thing! The lessons don't stop because it's raining.

Blindfolded -lesson you must know where everything is in your pack!

A fun few days away, now back to quilting...............lots of variety in the quilting pile! Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Country Yard...................................................

Many of you know I work one day a week at The Country Yard, then the remaining days of the week I work from home quilting other customer quilts. Because I work at this lovely shop I do have the privilege of quilting many of the samples. Today I am sharing three quilts plus some cushion panels.

Bronwyn Hayes designs are delightfully 'country' and charming. Kerryn (owner of TCY) made this lovely sample to tempt keen stitchers near and far to join in the stitch-along.

As often happens at the shop all available slots are sold out before the sample is even finished!
You will notice I quilted this sample fairly simply as requested by Kerryn. I did have one blank canvas area to have a little play time though!

Quilt facts to the best of my knowledge:

41" x 41", Cottage Garden Threads, Matilda's Own Cotton batting, free hand custom quilting by me.

Next is another stitchery quilt, but this time the designs are by Natalie Bird - The Birdhouse - "Tis the Season".

Quilted using Glide Thread "Mocha" in a continuous curved design (aka: orange peel, pumpkin seed) which I did in fact stitch all in one go over the entire quilt.

The Stitcheries were small enough that all that was required was SID. There are some pretty dainty little prints in the quilt which IS available as a kit!

Quilt facts:

30" x 38", Matilda's Own Poly/cotton batting, free hand custom quilting by me!

Next is a rather chic timeless quilt called Vintage Onyx. Kerryn asked for edge to edge quilting.

Quilt facts:

52" x 52", Matilda's Own Poly/cotton batting, available as a kit, edge to edge pattern: "Kayes Roses" by Keryn Emmerson, Glide thread "Warm Grey".

Fancy a photo of the back? It shows the quilting pattern off well.........................................

Last but not least, some super fun cushion panels! Six of them to be exact!

Simple straight quilting gave these cute panels a fresh crisp look. They are all ready to be made into cushions for someones caravan of motor home.

      A continued thank you to Kerryn who keeps me busy with quilting her lovely samples.

Last weekend hubby & I dashed away for a couple of days filled up with visiting family and friends, one afternoon we stopped by the Hamilton Gardens............what a treat!

The last time I visited these fabulous gardens was about 27years ago! This was one of my favourite displays/statues as when I was 20 I was involved with community theater and one play I was involved with I played the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland! Seeing this bought back Some funny memories!

 I quite liked this Maori carving as I have never seen one in black, they are usually a deep rust red.

Photo courtesy of the website

photo courtesy of the website

photo courtesy of the website

Most of the photo's are courtesy of the Hamilton Gardens website, why I didn't I take any photo's you ask? I was too busy enjoying the scenery!

Monday, October 3, 2016

"Golly Gee" it's a birthday quilt for Di! And some jungle animals

A friend recently celebrated a notable birthday and because her friends know who much she loves Golly's they each made a block.

Each Golly block was raw edged applique using either machine or hand blanket stitch. Once all the blocks were made, they were pulled together with cheery bright 2 1/2" squares. Then a lovely aqua/jade sashing and border fabric.
My contribution was the quilting.

I quilted a continuous curve in all the squares and a swirl in the Golly backgrounds except for the centre block, here I wanted a point of difference in the quilting so I quilted pebbles with the odd small swirl.

The border was treated with swags and finished off with fine picket fence quilting to make the swags stand out, which I did so continuously like the curves on the squares. Taking a little time I can usually work out a continuous quilting plan to minimize stops and starts.

Of course we quilters are NOT fans of embellishments and buttons, so these were left until after I had finished the quilting to be attached.

Di will even enjoy the back of her cute quilt................................................

             Di tells me she loves the quilt and it will be going on holiday with her in her camper!

         Kim whipped up this lovely fun quilt for one of her grandchildren who was turning one.

Silly me forgot to take a photo of the whole quilt! Anyhow the centre is one whole piece of fabric, then Kim had attached borders in some coordinating fabrics, then had me quilt an all over quilting design called "Jungle Vines".

            All this using Fantastico "Desert Sage" thread over Matilda's Own polyester batting.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Saying goodbye to September!

Well September is nearly over! Time sure is ticking by, the big "C" word is looming!
 I have three lovely quilts to share, all quite different but all made with love and the world can do with more of that.

First up is Jill's "Life is Beautiful" which is a Helen Stubbings design. Jill asked for an all over quilting design (a.k.a: edge to edge, E2E, panto) , as Jill lives in the South Island she left it up to me to choose a pattern, I went for "Papillon", Matilda's Own wool/poly batting and Glide thread in the colour Bone.

                             Jill even made a cool pieced backing with the leftovers!

Next is the fun quilt Angela made for her granddaughter. Angela also asked for an all over quilting design, but came by to choose a pattern herself and the thread.

Measuring 70" x 86". Angela chose "Camelia's" for the pattern and Glide thread in the colour Cardinal. Angela had her own black batting and fun backing fabric.

                                   And for the backing.........................................

Last for this post but certainly not least is Cat's quilt, lovingly pieced from a huge scrap collection!

Measuring : 77" square featuring many scraps, some I recognise from earlier quilts I have quilted for Cat. The choice of straight lines in the "crosses" using red thread and the newspaper prints I took the liberty of quilting swirls to bring some curves into a quilt that would have otherwise been dominated by straight lines.

                              Cat chose cotton batting and a fabulous RED backing fabric!

                          Thank you Jill, Angela and Cat for allowing me to quilt for you.

Some of my customers ask for the full "Quiltmekiwi" service which is to make and attach binding, what I noticed on one recent job was what happen to my cutting board...................

I cut right through the board! Yikes! Perhaps I have a heavy hand or they just don't make things like they use to? I am sticking with the second theory!