Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Julie's Bird Dance Quilt

Happy Tuesday quilt lovers! What a lovely long weekend it was, the weather wasn't the best for beach goers but it was still nice to have a long weekend. Maybe you worked in the garden, or had family gatherings, a spot of time at your sewing machine perhaps? Today I want to share with you Julie's Bird Dance quilt. Julie and are blogging buddies and met through me quilting her sister Janine's Bird Dance quilt earlier in the year. See *here* for Janine's Bird Dance quilt.

Julie and Janine (no blog) joined together to make themselves each one of these spectacular Sue Spargo quilts. Janine lives in Australia and Julie here in New Zealand. Both quilts are similar but with subtle differences in the birds and fabrics but is the most noticeable difference between the two quilts is the borders. Janine's had an applique vine with berries.

 Julie wanted her borders left plain so I could do some of my "Feathery Flourish Quilting" .......Julie's description!

                       Julie chose a lovely backing fabric and got me to supply the wool batting.

To see more pop over to Julie's blog as she has more photo's of the quilting and bird details and the a photo of the quilt with it's binding on.

More quilts still to share, so please pop back, until then......................

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Animal Quilts - series four

Time to share another two of Juliet's quilts from her book. Here's the Polar Bear hanging waiting to be posted back to Juliet in Christchurch.

Next are the Rhino's..........................................................

These guys ooze personality! Every time I quilt for Juliet her creations have me smiling, I love her choice of fabrics they add another dimension of interest.

       Sometimes it's all about creating texture to let the piecing and fabric come to the forefront.

          I have been enjoying my copy of this fabulous book, pondering which quilt to make first?

 In the mean time while I ponder, the book has given me the push I needed to finish my Running Zebra quilt (also a design by Juliet). Here's the Zebra finished, only borders to go then the quilting.

Me 'wrangling' the two halves together!

The last couple of days I spent on Ururpukapuka Island. Starting at Rawhiti kayaking over to the island. Setting up camp, but hiking to the highest peak of the island to sleep out under the stars.....that was spectacular! The next day we kayaked around the circumference of the island, exploring caves, watching wild life and picnic lunching on the beach. The last night wasn't that great to sleep out under the stars so in our tents we went. Then kayaked back over to Rawhiti to the vehicles.

                                Another confirmation how lucky I am to live in paradise!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tilda and Gail Pan

For the Tilda and Gail Pan Design lovers my post title has captured your attention, hopefully long enough to read this post, comment and even come back for another visit?
Kerryn and her team at The Country Yard have been very busy sewing an array of tempting delights to whisk away to Auckland Festival of Quilts to where they will be merchants.

The first delectable quilt is this Tilda Bumble Bee quilt design. Kerryn asked for E2E quilting I thought this free hand quilting looked like "Spinin' Bumble Bee Flight"..................

I used Glide thread in the colour Cool Mint over the cotton batting Kerryn supplied. Look at the pretty curved piecing.

Kerryn asked for the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service on all three quilts you will see here today.
Next is another Tilda quilt, called Cottage Collection.

E2E quilting again, this time a simple meander using Glide thread again, this time in the colour Linen.

Kerryn had included two cushion fronts and some calico for the cushion backs to be quilted at the same time as the quilt.
The next quilt is a Gail Pan Design called "The Blessings of Nature". This one has custom quilting.

The stitchery blocks will have buttons attached so the quilting was very minimal. Glide thread again in Military Gold and Fantastico thread in the colour Pheasant. Some straight lines, some swirls and loops.

                             You can see the lovely mustard coloured backing fabric.

If you enjoyed these quilts and just have to make one for yourself, see the girls at The Country Yard they will sort you out with a lovely parcel all for you!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Animals Quilts ......series three

Happy Sunday to you all. I thought perhaps you'd like to see two more of Juliet's spectacular quilts!

        The mirrored swan won a space in my heart right from the onset of opening the courier bag!

Magnificent right?!! So is the Peacock, this quilt is what made me look at Kaffe Fasste fabric with new eyes.

Not many words needed today........................................

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Merry Christmas to You!!..........................x two!

Hi there and welcome back to my quilting corner of the world. I'm not starting early on my Christmas greetings but I am starting on Christmas quilting. Last year when I was still working at The Country Yard  I sold the kits for these quilts, one to Kim and one to Jenny, who are friends and worked on these quilts together. I had a very special visit one day several weeks back from Kim and Jenny both with their finished quilt tops asking me to quilt them!

Here are both the girls quilts laid out for the photo shoot. Both wanted their quilts quilted like the shop sample that I had also quilted *see here*  except they didn't want the cross hatching on the stitchery blocks.

I quilted both quilts pretty much the same, with a few subtle differences between the two. I think they both did a fabulous job of these quilts especially considering neither of them have ever done piecing like this, applique, stitchery and Dresden Plates.

 Both wanted the Full Quiltmekiwi Binding service and a hanging sleeve. Although almost exactly the same they did chose different batting and backing fabrics.

Thank you so much Kim and Jenny, it was an absolute pleasure to be with you both on this journey from start until finish!