Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Edge to edge quilting................................

Hello my loyal followers! I have three lovely quilts to share today, the only thing they have in common is they all have edge to edge quilting (all over quilting designs).

First is Kim's panel bordered up all ready for one of her granddaughters for Christmas, isn't it sweet?

Kim usually leaves the quilting pattern up to me, which was "Espalier" and Kim went for Matilda's Own wool/poly batting.

Next is Sue's scrappy Christmas quilt. A cute happy way to bring cheer over the Christmas period.
Sue chose "Christmas Forest" and Glide thread "Military Gold".

There is a fabulous selection of Christmas fabrics in this quilt, a medley of 'eye-spy' games!
Check out the back for the Christmas Forest....................................

Last but not least is also another quilt from Sue, this time in toning's of browns and tan's.

Sue wanted something floral, I chose "Camellia's" , always a popular choice and I used Glide thread "Mocha". Sue wanted Matilda's Own polyester batting for both quilts.

                                                       Fancy a lookie at the backie???

Thank you Sue and Kim, may your quilts bring you and the recipients many years of joy and comfort.

A couple of weekends back I went tramping in the Tangihua Ranges which is right on my back doorstep. It is known for it's ruggedness and it didn't disappoint! We started out at the very end of Tangihua Road, dropped off by some other trampers who were meeting us at the end of the day at the Tangihua Lodge for a shared Christmas dinner and sleep over....................good news for us as we didn't have to tramp for 8 hours with our sleeping bags and potluck dinner salad's and drinks! They happily delivered them to the lodge.

Morning tea at the old Whangarei Tramping Club hut, the luxury of a long drop, always a joy! Not far from here was the most usual tree...........................

Iconic to the Maungakaramea area :The Tangihua transmitter, you get fabulous views from here. And from underneath!

All of us spent time on our backsides either by choice or not! Many parts of the track are steep, or steeper! I chose many times to use my gluteus maximus as the safest means of downhill transport!

After an evening of yummy food and a Christmas present swap and a sleep we headed out the next morning for more exploring, the next photo is of some of the group at the old Kauri dam.

Thank you so much for stopping by, I had best get back to the Christmas quilting pile!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Another Fabulous Friday!

Howdie, howdie all, the summery weather sure is setting sail here in New Zealand. It's indeed a fabulous Friday, but that is also the name of today's featured quilt. Made by Lois as a Mystery sampler through The Country Yard

Lois liked how I had quilted Noeline's Fabulous Friday (see this post) but wanted her's to be a little different. You will notice some similar quilting designs but with a few different features, which makes it more interesting for me when I get three quilts the same design.

Over the years I have quilted many times for Lois and there is always a common theme either in the quilting requests and /or the fabric and it is cat's.............she LOVES them!

Abother common feature in Lois' quilts is her love of Lynette Anderson Fabrics. This quilt fits that section nicely.

                            Lois chose a swagged border which frames her quilt beautifully.

Here is a before and after photo and to echo Lois' words when she picked her quilt up: "Quilting really does make the quilt"......thank you Lois!

The 'before quilting'

The 'after quilting"

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Quilts of many colours.....................

Howdie, howdie, howdie! I am back from a nice break away visiting three of my kids in Australia. I spent the time chillin' out, playing dolls with my granddaughter and cooling off in the pool! We didn't really go sight seeing, but one night we went out for fish & chips and there is a 'commemoritive' walkway all about the Bee Gees, lots of history about them, huge wide screen TV with all their video's playing and some bronze statues.

see my granddaughters socks!

Now it's back to the quilting, the following two quilts I finished before I headed off my holiday. First is Jacki's 'Country Animals' quilt by The Birdhouse.

Jacki likes her quilting to be simple, she like the sample I quilted for The Country Yard - see *here*
This cheeky cow needed a quilted tail as well as all the animals needed eyes, to which I quilted.

The sheep got wool, the cow got nostrils as did the pigs, the pigs also received 'fuller figures' then a looping meander for the background.
Jacki wanted the recipients name to be quilted on the border.


Jacki always makes a superduper cool job of her backings! Checkout the appliqued chicken and sheep.

Next is Pam's 'decorator' quilt, made at a class at The Country Yard. Made from a bundle of fat quarters Pam treasured.

This quilt had all over quilting (edge to edge), the pattern is called 'Camellia's' and I used Glide thread in the colour 'Peacock'.

The pattern seemed to match up so well with all the pretty floral fabrics. The backing was a pretty pink.

Thanks to Jacki and Pam, enjoy your quilts!

On the airplane home I watched 'Coat of Many Colours', the story of Dolly Parton. Sweet movie, lots of lovely old quilts and of course Dolly's patchwork coat!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lois and Jenny's quilts and a Christmas quilt.................

Hello friends, it's a been a busy week, a week of quilting! Want to see three of the quilts finished this week? There are other quilts finished but there will have to be a short wait until I can share them with you.  First is Lois' quilt.................................

Made with Lois' favourite fabrics -Lynette Anderson. A simple 'stack and whack' type quilt made in a class at The Country Yard.  Apart from Lynette Anderson fabrics, Lois also likes LOVES cats, so she had me quilt 'Kitty Kat" which is a fun edge to edge pattern.

The quilt measures 70" x 88" poly/cotton batting, Glide thread - 'Maroon'. Thank you Lois!
Next is Jenny's applique quilt made for her coffee table. Jenny ask for simple custom quilting and four quilted flowers in each corner.

Measuring 39" x 41" which will be a nice size for her coffee table. Quilted flowers, ditch stitching and some curling tendrils.

Thank you Jenny. Next is an easy on the eye 'Christmas' quilt........apparently Christmas is nearly here!

I kept the quilting simple on this one too, as instructed by The Country Yard store owner Kerryn.

Made as inspiration for those wonderful layer cakes. Straight lines and looping stars (which help cement the Christmas theme) and my favourite part, the Greek Key in the middle section.

                     Measures 52" x 69" poly/cotton batting, Glide and Madeira threads.

                        Thank you Kerryn! Happy Christmas preparations to you all!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sue's Quilts and Elizabeth's winning quilt at the Auckland Festival of Quilts

Sue asked me to quilt these two fabulous quilts she has made for her lucky grandkids. First up is her New York Beauty quilt. Sue asked for very simple quilting, basically just stitching in the ditch (SID) but not each ray, just the arcs and some stipple on the borders.

Sizing up at: 84" x 87", foundation paper pieced rays and a cute little yellow peeper out towards the border.

I was itching to quilt more, that centre was calling out for a swirl, pebbles or cross-hatching...............but I was good quilter and stuck to what I was instructed to do.

Happy Jacks was the next quilt Sue wanted quilted by me, I found this quilt a good cheerful, 'boost you up day' kinda fun!

Isn't it funky and fun! Measuring 64" x 91". These 'Happy Jacks' seem to be like friendly alien spaceships floating over the quilt looking for a good landing spot!

Sue and I agreed that quilting over the vertical brown sashings would make them sink into the background, so the swirl background filler did just that. Then a 'organic' piano key border and a several different quilting designs on the Happy Jacks themselves.

I don't think Sue could have chosen a better backing fabric............all those big spots, perfect!

Lately when I am out tramping the latest thing my eye is drawn to are punga fronds, I now see that when I take photo's I can truly call it 'professional development' for me, because so often this is the perfect quilting style for many of the quilts that pass through my studio. Nature IS so inspiring.

               I made a video of me quilting swirls. P.S "look Mum, I am quilting one handed!"

Yesterday I visited the Auckland Festival of Quilts. Another nice set up in the new venue, lots of merchants and people enjoying the quilts. I was so pleased to get a very excited phone call from one of my lovely customers  on Thursday night to say the quilt she entered this year that I had quilted earlier in the year had won the Open Wall section made by 2 or more people. Here is my blog post about this quilt.  This is a Kim Diehl design named 'Snow in Summer', Elizabeth renamed "Carnations in the Octagon". Here is Elizabeth standing with her lovely quilt.