Monday, March 20, 2017

My Tribe...................................

When Marcelle gave me her "My Tribe" quilt several weeks back we discussed several ideas for quilting but none of them really 'gelwith' the quilt, that is until I saw an idea on a fellow long- arm- quilters blog! Then the stars aligned and it was all go!

Marcelle got the pattern from Amy Friend's book "Intentional Piecing" after she had 'borrowed' a fabric bundle from her friend! This friend was recently married and Marcelle wanted to make her friend a special wedding quilt to mark the occassion. This 'borrowed' fabric was coveted by her friend so Marcelle knew she wouldn't mind if it secretly disappeared! Crikey we quilters can be a sneaky bunch!

When I spotted Tia's quilting on one of her customers quilts I knew it was the design this quilt needed. I quickly emailed Tia asking if she would mind me using her fabulous idea......."yes go for it!" she said! Whoopwhoop. Looking like map contour lines I believe this design works so well with these Teepee's, it makes me think of the scene in the movie Dances with Wolves where there is a network of Teepees by the riverside on the prairie.

Measuring 40" x 42" makes for an awesome lap quilt or even better a wall hanging. This really was a pleasure and so much fun to quilt! Marcelle made a fabulously interesting backing.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying Marcelle's quilt...............I hope you will visit again soon.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Michelle's Gingerbread Village

Hello again for the second time this week! I am back to share Michelle's second quilt that I custom quilted for her.

Once again Michelle gave me free range on this quilt. What fun I had, have I said I love my job?

Measuring 62" x 72" purchased as a BOM through Shabby Fabric's Michelle asked for cotton batting.

All the seams were pressed open so unfortunately I was unable to stitch in the ditch, something I always feels needs to be done for custom quilting, it sharpens the whole look of the quilt, from applique to the piecing.

Even though this is a Gingerbread Village it has a wintery look to it so I figured falling snow would look good.

                      A holly leaf border worked so well.............the backing is holly fabric too!

Seen enough? It's a beauty of a quilt, has me hankering for winter! It's coming right? Meanwhile with all the quilting going on there has been an on looker from the stairs..........what IS he thinking?


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Michelle's Snuggle Bugs quilt.....................

A thoroughly enjoyable quilting experience hanging out with these cute bugs for a few days!

Made by Michelle through the 'block-of-the-month system through her local quiltshop in the south island.

How adorable are these little faces? Michelle gave me free range to quilt how I thought would best suit the design which is both exhilarating and a nervous time with the constant words chattering in my head "I hope she likes it".....................

Anyhow, no need for me to worry Michelle was delighted..........whew! The quilt measures 60" x 84" and Michelle asked for cotton batting. I used a mix of threads mainly Glide in three different colours. After some time pondering the design for the large four- patches I was happy with the design, clean and uncluttered.

A swagged border and leafy vine for the inner and outer borders. I wonder what Michelle's choice for binding will be?

I hope you enjoyed seeing Michelle's beautiful quilt. My next blog post will be another of Michelle's creations too..............until then here are a couple of photo's of my failed attempt at climbing to the summit of Mt Taranaki...............The weather had other plans, but we did get one full days walk in doing the Kokowai Round trip, staying at the historical Camphouse.

One day of full tramping bush and experiencing the alpine then the next day off into the Len Lye gallery in New Plymouth, a cafe lunch then to the movies - 'Hidden Figures'......that was a fabulous movie! Even an evening of fancy dress..........I dressed as a carrot!

me outside the Len Lye gallery

Monday, March 6, 2017

Rosemary and Loch's quilts.........................

Rosemary made this quilt 10 years ago, it has been having a gentle rest in the cupboard all this time, that is until Rosemary asked me to do some edge to edge quilting for her.

Rosemary's Round the World quilt measures 80" x 85" I quilted 'Feather Me' edge to edge pattern using Glides 'Maroon' thread.

The next photo is a good one for sharing the quilting pattern, it is a lovely flowing feathery pattern.

Last but not least, Loch's deer stalking quilt. Loch is a keen hunter and when he goes to his grandparents farm to spend time hunting and doing boys stuff his Mum Marcelle decided Loch needed a suitable quilt.

Measuring 67" x 78" Fantastico 'Walnut' thread, Loch chose cross hatching and his name quilted on the stag.

                           Thank you Rosemary, Marcelle and Loch.............enjoy your quilts!

On Sunday I headed out for a tramp exploring the Tangihua ranges. It's fairly rugged up there, lots of under and over fallen trees, walking along what's known as the 'razorback' - think very high, narrow and a sheer drop both sides! But the views are fabulous. Seven hours hard slog and all was enjoyable except for the wasp sting right at the end!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Faith Hope Love.................................

A McKenna Ryan design made by Elaine and given to me to custom quilt, this one was a hard one to give back as it looked so good on my guest bed.

Elaine did a fine zigzag stitch for the edges of the applique, I then ditch stitched around all the applique and in the blocks, sashing and border ditches then went on to enjoy some free hand feathers, tendrils and leaves to fill in some of the more open areas of the blocks.

    I then went on using Glide thread in the colour 'Mocha' for a free flowing feathered border.

It was a real pleasure to quilt this lovely quilt for Elaine and even more of a pleasure to see how delighted she was to see it nearly finished!

Monday, February 27, 2017

More secret quilts revealed......................

Hi there quilt lovers today I have two more of the 'secret' quilts to reveal. The Country Yard girls have been very busy making some beautiful quilts so their customers can rest their eyes on some very tempting quilt candy. The first one is 'Garden Maze' a Lynette Anderson design, made with Lynette's fabrics.

Measuring 58" x 70" custom quilted, poly/cotton batting, Glide thread and the binding attached completely by machine.

Lynette's sample had quilted hearts, but I had different ideas, Kerryn said go for it! Using a curved ruler (ProEcho) and some free hand looped feathers and swirls.

The swag border worked well to frame the quilt, some 'picket fence' quilting on the outer edge helped pop the swags.

Kerryn chose a grey Tula Pink wide backer for the backing.........................

Next is 'In the Spring' a design by Leonie Bateman a sweet table topper........................

           Measuring 38" square, poly/cotton batting, Kerryn asked for light custom quilting.

Sunday saw me out tramping again, this time Tanekaha Forest . A beautiful spot with some lovely views of Mangawhai beach.

We ended the day with a swim in the ocean and an icecream.........a perfect way to end the week!