Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lesley and Lorraine's quilts

As I wait for yet another shower of rain to pass over so I can prune the last of my roses I remembered I had two quilts ready to share with you. First is Lesley's Kiwiana quilt called "Stripes and Four Patches" by Missouri Quilt Star

Measuring 73" x 84" Lesley wanted this quilt for her bed so she chose wool batting and an edge to edge design called "Rotorua" and also chose a nice blue backing fabric.

                        Isn't this quilt a great eye spy, snippets of kiwiana! Thank you Lesley.

Next is Lorraine's fun quilt made for one of her grandsons. This is an Amy Bradley design called 'Pirates'

                          Lorraine wanted light custom quilting and went with polyester batting.

This quilter did have fun with this quilt, although  there were times when I felt like she was being watched!

                                       Can you guess what Lorraine's grandson's name is??

Quilt backing spotlight moments......................................

                     Thank you Lorraine and Levi, lets hope you have many adventures together!
While I am sharing quilts made by people with names starting with "L" lets see one recently finished by me............................

A flashy photo - plenty of rain here lately so it's all inside photo's. This is the second scrappy medallion quilt I have made, the first one I gave away to charity, this one will also be gifted to a good cause.

It was a good chance to try out a new swirl. Swirls and feathers they have something in common - you can never have too many varieties! These are my plump swirls. Notice the larger centre to the swirl? Overall this gives a bobble effect to the quilt, quite pleasing.
Thank you for stopping by, I am ending this post with thoughts of the ugliness going on in USA and I like to imagine........................... while I prune the remainder of my roses.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

A table runner, a hug quilt and a few critters.............

Lois made this striking table runner for her daughter as part of her birthday present. Lois asked for some custom quilting. Thank you Lois, I'm sure your daughter will be delighted!

Next is a quilt hug Cat made for her daughters singing teacher. Cat supplied a vintage sheet for the backing.

Measuring 53" x 78" it makes for a nice hugging/cuddling size. I experimented with the plump swirls and added a few feather plumes and hearts.

Here I am attaching the binding, you can see the lovely retro sheet........................

                    Thanks Cat for letting me be part of this precious gift of love and caring.

Last but not least for today's post I am linking up with Linda and Julie's "Sew-Stitch-Snap-Share"

Juliet from Tartankiwi design this wonderful distraction just for me!  Woodland quiltalong2 and I just couldn't say no! So my poor Running Zebra (also one of Juliet's designs) has been on the back burner while I stitch and flip these foundation pieced critters.

Once I had my four critters made "Farnley" - the fawn "Henry" - the hedgehog "Ollie" - the otter and "Kingi' - the kingfisher I then dithered about what to do with them? My husband said what about a table runner? Now this comes from a husband that doesn't like anything on our dinning room table! I let his idea jingle around for a few days then went with it, I did add a hanging sleeve so it can be hung on the wall if the mood strikes!

I have quilted several of Juliet's quilts for her so knew all about the fiddly ditch stitch in front me as I came to execute the quilting. I then set about quilting the background with a wood grain effect.

I used a large selection of fabrics, but my two main fabrics were the lovely olive green which is a Alison Glass print and the abstract teal print by Joel Dewberry.
Then a flange binding...........finished! I keep saying how much I love this table runner/ wall hanging, so does my husband. Thanks again Juliet for the distraction :-)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summer and Autumn........................

This was the feeling and look when I quilted Linda's 'Queen of the May' and Kerryn's 'Autumn Song' Quilts! Linda's quilt was fabulous to work on as there was rain, hail, wind and very dark sky's.............
Here's the 'before' quilting on Linda's quilt..............

photo from Linda

Now the 'after' quilting.........................

Linda asked for light custom quilting of this Kathy Doughty inspired quilt from Material Obsession.
Using Glide thread in the colours 'Military Gold' and 'Mocha' over wool/polyester batting I quilted what I am naming Vintage Feathers on the border and the background, then a series of curved lines, swirls, spirals and a bit of ruler work for some straight lines.

Isn't this a spot of sunshine on a cloudy day? Along with the quilt top Linda posted a sweet vintage sheet for the backing.

To see more of Linda's delightful quilt and her progress of making this quilt, please pop over to her blog for a look. If you type "Queen of the May" into her search bar (top left hand side) all the posts relating to this quilt will show up. Thank you Linda I look forward to collaborating with you again!

Next is Kerryn's 'Autumn Song' quilt made from a range of fabrics by One Sister Design's.

A panel bordered with pieced blocks made from the same fabric range. Look at that panel, looks just like crazy patch!

Again I was asked for light custom quilting, a simple meander over the panel, some loops or big e's and little e's and cross hatching on the pieced blocks.

This quilt was given the 'Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service'. To find this scrumptious panel and coordinating fabrics please see Kerryn and the team at The Country Yard. 

Non quilty news........Simon fans know how much he loves his Biscornu.......................

A small hole developed a couple of weeks back, but I have been so busy procrastinating about fixing it that is has grown into the perfect place for Simon to kneed into - purring like crazy and stuffing his head into!

What to do???

Monday, August 7, 2017

Penny's 'Cuppa' Quilt.......................and a quilt hug..................

I was super excited when Penny asked me to quilt her Sue Spargo quilt 'Cuppa' for her!  I thoroughly enjoy quilting these whimsical woolly wonders. The first photo here is the one Penny sent me via our email conversations.

Penny wanted the same sort of 'whimsy- doodling' she had seen I had done on previous wool applique quilts.

Penny did this quilt as a Block of the Month directly from Sue Spargo the backing was included and it's perfect for this quilt, right on theme!

Isn't it fabulous! Penny chose wool batting which gives some more impact. While you can tell I enjoyed myself quilting, these quilts do have their challenges. There is plenty of thickness on the seams, but my awesome machine doesn't complain!

And of course there are the embellishments that need to be temporarily put in their place out of my way! (no embellishments were harmed on my watch!)

The detail of Penny's embroidery was spectacular, do you think we made a good team?

Cuppa anyone??? Thank you Penny, it was a pleasure............................

A couple of weeks back I got a top secret email from a friend asking me if I would like to be part of a 'quilt-hug' for a mutual friend going through a tough time. Yes please I said. When the quilt top was finished by several other caring friends it was posted to me for the quilting and binding.

The quiltmakers got the pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. I love how they placed the pink hearts like a cross. I quilted edge to edge 'Whisper' as Mr Time was stealing the hours from me and then I finished off with machine binding.

A row of Giggi signature blocks worked a treat for the backing. Wrap it up and send it off with love!!